Safety First - How The K9 Kwik Release Was Created

Lucky enough to have my daughter, Courtney, move in with me, she had a 6 month old puppy in tow. But puppy, Odin, would only behave if he was a leash tied to my daughter's waist. She'd go about her tasks or a walk and he would be right by her side watching her for his cues. It was a match made in heaven!

Then one day I was speaking to a dog trainer and I happened to mentioned this lovely partnership to him. His reply was shocking!

He said...

"That is the BEST way to train your dog but also the most DANGEROUS way”

He explained why and from that point forward, all I could do was worry about Courtney and Odin's safety.

Being a maker of things with a passion for sewing, I knew I had to design a leash and belt system that would quickly release in case of any danger to either of them. But, at the same time be practical and give the flexibility for training or a leisurely walk. 

So, The K9 Kwik Release belt and leash system, was born!

Courtney and Odin using the K9 Kwik Release System